with Queenie in Hamburg

Fox Meadow's

Queenie at the Eurodog Show 2003 The kennel Fox Meadow's was registered in the register of SKJ and FCI on 21.6.2002, under number 287/2002.

But it all started 10 years earlier, when a maltese puppy called Budgie (*1992) moved to live with us. Budgie had a very successfull agility career and lived with us until his death at the age of 15. He loved puppies so he always helped rising them.

First russell terrier moved to live with us in march 1999, his name was Arnie. Unfortunately he was very ill and only lived 2,5 years. That was a very hard but also very important lesson for me.

I couldn't imagine a life without a terrier so a russell girl called Queenie (*2001) moved to live with us soon. She comes from the german kennel The Roadrunners and has a very interesting pedigree. Queenie is very clever, healthy, loved agility and coursing and was successfull at dog shows. She became the foundation bitch of Fox Meadow's kennel. We kept Adorable Witch "Ashley" (*2003) from her first and only litter. Ashley is a very special dog, successfull in all fields possible - show, work and sports. We have kept two of Ashley's daughters - Banshee (*2006) and Evan Etc (*2010). The next generation from them are Destiny (*2009) and Gillian (*2013). Ashley at dog racing

My dogs are members of our family, live in the house with us and if they're not in the garden, they usually sleep on our couches in the living room. I don't breed the bitches often - I prefer quality to quantity, the girls actively do sports and they only have a litter or two in their lifetime. We've moved in 2006 from Bratislava to the countryside where the dogs enjoy our house with 1800m2 garden and are busy keeping it vermin-free.

The kennel name "Fox Meadow's" is loose translation of the street that we lived in until 2006. It also suits the breed - that was bred for fox hunting.