Gilly celebrated her second birthday at her first agility competition. None of our dogs were competition-ready, but it was organized by our home club, so we participated with 5 dogs, taking it as a training. Our goal was to set a record and get 30 disqualifications during one weekend. Gilly, Ashley and Banshee broke it, they all finished one run. Banshee even managed to finish an SA2 exam with an "excellent", on 4th place. The other doggies finished at our lucky 13th place.
Photos are here.


German Nationals & Sommerfest PJRTCG. The show was judged by Mr. Ian Darlow (UK), he was very kindly handling the dogs and that made everyone feel comfortable in the ring. 70 terriers were shown, all classes were strong (8-14 dogs). Our Destiny was 4th in her class, Ashley won the veteran class. I didn't want to show Gilly, but used the opportunity and the gentle judge made it a good experience for her and she showed herself nicely. She finished second in her class and was second best bitch of open classes (Top Noch Hayden won - congratulations!). Cuchulann Raf, a male that I helped to import from Ireland, did very well too. We visited his owner on our way back home - they just had very promising puppies our of our F.M. Firefly and Little Trouble Frazzle.
Photos are here.


We're training almost every weekend agility at All For Dog Vydrany.
Photos from some trainings are here.


Terrier Speciality Show Viničné. Ginger Fish "Barney" fulfilled the conditions to get his breeding permission, he also has all necesary health tests ready. Gillian also got her breeding permission and an excellent, CAC and CC.


Doggies are enjoying the winter, our snow photos are here.



21-23.11.2014 - tripple show in Zagreb. After a long break we decided to go to a tripple FCI show, in Croatia. It was a very nice trip. Ashley, Destiny, Evie and Gilly were shown. They were traditional FCI shows and we finally got a first "good" in Fox Meadow's history. A nice surprise was Gilly's double victory in the youth class, where she beat 2-3 other bitches. So we got a Croatian Junior Champion and Crufts qualification for Gilly and a Croatian Veteran Champion for Ashley. Photos are here.


We spent a summer holiday in Croatia with some of our dogs. Photos are here.



Sommerfest PJRTCG & German Nationals. Judge Mr. Dessie Mackin (IRL), and our dogs did great again. Firefly, Evan Etc and Destiny won their classes, Banshee was 3rd in the same class as Destiny, Ashley won the veteran class. We were most happy about Destiny - she then also turned best bitch of open class and res. Best In Show! BIS was her sire Decoy's Iller.


DNA testing for Spinocerebellar Ataxia of my breeding stock is finished. Fox Meadow's BANSHEE, DESTINY, EVAN ETC and Little Trouble FRAZZLE are all SCA CLEAR!


Little Trouble FRAZZLE and The Roadrunners QUEEN SIOUXSIE are also LOA Clear!



We got news from AHT: Fox Meadow's ADORABLE WITCH, BANSHEE and EVAN ETC are all "Clear/Normal" for Late Onset Ataxia! This means Fox Meadow's D- and F- Litters are Clear too, as the sires have been tested "Clear/Normal" as well. We are very happy!
More info on this test at the AHT website.


A few updates. All puppies moved to their new owners, all info about them was moved to the "litters" page. The "puppies" page was also updated with info about litter plans for 2013.


IDS DuoDanube. We succesfully survived this hot weekend :) On Saturday, Evie got Excellent 1, CAC & CACIB. A very nice dog from Austria, Claremorris Zephyr, got the BOB. Judge was Frantisek Szalai. Sunday was judged by Dr. Pavol Seman, Evie got CAC, CACIB and BOB and finished her "Slovak Champion" title.


Sommerfest PJRTCG & German Nationals. We could not miss it, like every year. Our dogs did great - in mini-puppies Funky Flea got 4th, Firefox 5th, first 3 places were taken by 5 weeks older pups. Destiny was in a big open smooth/broken class second, Evie in open rough class also second, Queenie in veteran class 2nd place, Ashley, at her 9 years of age, won the champion class females, became best champion and in the Best In Show competition finished at the 3rd place. Judge was Tony Brown (UK), BIS was well deserved by the male Little Rowdys Buster (Destiny's half-brother).


WE HAVE PUPPIES! Destiny gave birth to 3 pups on 25.5.2012. One boy is still available! More under the link "puppies".


SpringDuoDanube. Evie was in good shape and showed herself well, the judge (Mr. Kanas) liked her, so she got in competition Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and Crufts 2013 qualification.
Video from PRT judging here.


Destiny was at the vet for sonography - and we saw 4 puppies, they should be born around 27.5.2012, if all goes well. More under the link "puppies".



A little update after longer lack of news - Queenie and Destiny are both PLL Clear! Destiny was also shown in September in Tulln, under the specialist judge Mr. Geoff Burnhill (UK) and recieved excellent 1, CACA and CACIB - I am very proud of my little one-ear! In the meanwhile little Evie also finished her Slovak Junior Champion title and qualifyed herself for Crufts 2012. Evie and Destiny were also shown at the PJRTCG Summer Show in Hamburg, and both passed the PJRTCG breeding exam with an "excellent". And oldie Queenie won the veteran class, again. Frazzle finished his Slovak Champion title!

11.06.11 Frazzle passed the earthdog exam on fox in 1st prize, with full points! He bolted the fox from the artificial den in 25 seconds! He earned a big applause and we are very proud of him! :)