Welcome to the website dedicated to my dogs and the breed PARSON (JACK) RUSSELL TERRIER.
I'm doing my best to breed healthy dogs of the original working type and temperament, able to do the job they were bred for.
I got my first terrier in march 1999. It's impossible to have just one and now we share our household with 7 terriers. These dogs are always up to something, you never get bored with them around. They require a good sense of humour from the owners side.


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april 2019

We currently do not own a brood bitch, so there will be no puppies in the next years. There are 7 terriers living with us, they are pets and sport dogs. We do not plan to get new dogs anytime soon. Fortunately this breed usually lives very long (our oldest bitch is 18), so it will surely take several years until we, maybe, resume our breeding programme.


F.M. Ginger Fish "Barney" visited us - he turned into an handsome adult stud dog. I took some new photos of him and updated his page.

june 17

We go to swim with the doggies in this hot weather. Some photos are here.


Agility competition of ARP DogTeam Padan. Gilly won the SA1 exams on Saturday, Evie won the SA1 exams on Sunday and Destiny was 3rd. Ashley and Banshee made a secret agreement to sabotage this event :)


German Nationals 2016, judged by Mr. Steve Allibone (UK). We spent a pleasant and informative weekend in Germany, as usually. Destiny won her class and Banshee was 5th; Firefly won her class and was res. best bitch in show; veteran class - Ashley 2nd, Banshee 3rd; champion class - Ashley 3rd. Gilly got over her hate for shows and placed 3rd in her class and also got an "excellent" at the PJRTCG breeding exam. Thanks to the PJRTCG club for this wonderful event. Photos here.


Went to do something different this weekend - dockdiving! It was very cold and Destiny refused to get into the pool, but Gilly saved the weekend and Evie learned to like water. Evie only needs to learn how to swim now ;) It was fun! Photos here.


Agility exams held by our club. I ran with Ashley & Banshee in SA2, Evie & Gilly in SA1 and Richard with Destiny in SA1. Every dog passed at least one exam. There's still a lot of work ahead of us. Some photos here.


We're training agility at ARP Dogteam Padan now.
Some photos from our trainings in 2016 are here.


Doggies are enjoying the winter, some photos here.

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