We currently don't have any puppies and don't plan any litters in the next years.

If you'd like a puppy, please look at the PJRTCG puppy website.

Benny & Ashley Our puppies are raised within the family, well socialized, of course wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and come with pet passport, FCI-pedigree and a puppy starter package. I breed only from healthy dogs, that are patella luxation free, free of hereditary eye diseases and BAER tested. Breeding stock is also DNA tested for Primary Lens Luxation, Late Onset Ataxia since Spinocerebellar Ataxia. Temperament is also very important for me, as I do dog sports with my dogs - agility, frisbee, coursing and dog racing. I am not a hunter, but we visit from time to time an artificial earth where the dogs can work fox - because I think it's important that the dogs should be able do the job they were bred for. Our dogs are used to control vermin on our property.
I like dogs that are very active, fast, creative, busy and have a will to please. Our dogs live in our house and enjoy our very large garden.

Photo gallery - how our puppies are raised.

email, phone: +421 - 905 304 867 (English, Deutsch & Slovensky)